In June I'll be recording straight to vinyl at Leesta Vall Sound Recordings.  If you Pre-Order one of these unique 7" records, I'll give you a personal THANK YOU right on the recording!  Click the button to choose your song!!


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Upcoming Events




June 2, 2017      Wonders of Nature    Brooklyn, NY

May 17, 2018      Adhoc Presents    Brooklyn, NY

May 4, 2018       Shaw Box Gallery    Philadelphia, PA

April 29, 2018    Sycamore Den    San Diego, CA

April 28, 2018    Republic of Pie    Los Angeles, CA

April 24, 2018    Hotel Cafe    Los Angeles, CA

April 23, 2018    Octopus Literary Salon    Oakland, CA

April 22, 2018    Neck of the Woods    San Francisco, CA

April 21, 2018    Silver Orange    Sacramento, CA

April 18, 2018    Sofar Sounds    Seattle, WA

April 15, 2018    The Axe and Fiddle    Cottage Grove, OR

April 14, 2018    The Roxy    Vancouver, BC

April 13, 2018    The Firkin Tavern    Portland, OR

April 12, 2018    The Sunset    Seattle, WA

April 1, 2018     Rockwood Music Hall    New York, NY

March 31, 2018    Ox Coffee    Philadelphia, PA

March 29, 2018    Knickerbocker Taproom    Westerly, RI

March 29, 2018    Telegraph Records    New London, CT

March 28, 2018    The Grange    Providence, RI

March 27, 2018    Flywheel    East Hampton, MA

March 26, 2018    Plough and the Stars    Boston, MA

March 25, 2018    Monkey House    Winooski, VT

March 24, 2018    Bar Spectale l'Esogriffe    Montreal, QC

March 23, 2018    Burdock    Toronto, ON

March 2, 2018     Rockwood Music Hall    New York, NY

February 23, 2018    Pinebox Rockshop    Brooklyn, NY

February 10, 2018    Indies Keeping Secrets Festival    Barcelona, Spain

February 2, 2018    The Packhorse    Leeds, UK

February 1, 2018    Aces & Eights    London, UK

January 9, 2018    Sofar Sounds    New York, NY

January 7, 2018    H0L0    Brooklyn, NY







“The Golden Heart is charming and delightful, full of infectious melodies, shimmering harmonies and pungent, pulsing rhythms.” - Huffington Post


“The Golden Heart is a reflection, a reverberous voice in the dark, framed by picked guitar and wistful percussive textures.” - The Deli Magazine


“…mesmerizing. It's five songs and each one of them is worthy of a listen.”  - Paste Magazine


“ …a lush, mid-’70s California vibe” - Brooklyn Vegan


“Quite frankly, it might be the best road trip ready EP we’ve heard all year…” - Imperfect Fifth


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