In a few weeks I'll be recording straight to vinyl at Leesta Vall Sound Recordings.  If you Pre-Order one of these unique 7" records, I'll give you a personal THANK YOU right on the recording!  Click the button to choose your song!!


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10.31.18 at Sofar Sounds


“The Golden Heart is charming and delightful, full of infectious melodies, shimmering harmonies and pungent, pulsing rhythms.” - Huffington Post


“The Golden Heart is a reflection, a reverberous voice in the dark, framed by picked guitar and wistful percussive textures.” - The Deli Magazine


“…mesmerizing. It's five songs and each one of them is worthy of a listen.”  - Paste Magazine


“ …a lush, mid-’70s California vibe” - Brooklyn Vegan


“Quite frankly, it might be the best road trip ready EP we’ve heard all year…” - Imperfect Fifth


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